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February 2012 - Now begins in earnest, the construction of Keith's client's new Global Headquarters. Keith is heavily engaged in modification of the security processes, and the design of the new Global Security Operations Center. Yet another hold for the full spin-up of S4, but at this point, we are looking at S4 as a semi-retirement option for Keith, especially if there is another insurmountable health decline. 

January 2012 - Happy 2nd Birthday Joseph. We can no longer offer excuses for the behavior of either of your parents. We are so sorry for the decisions they have both separately made, and the impact that has been disasterous to the rest of their families. As you grow, we will try to be there for you as we are able. We ask that you take one lesson with you, rather than use your upbringing as an excuse for being disadvantaged, as your parents have theirs, look at every success, despite hardship, as a component of life that has made you stronger. Our very best wishes are with you, your parents, and the rest of our families forever.

December 2011

It was a great Holiday Season for Keith and knives. Of the three below, two were the standard Bday, Holiday picks that Kathy asks Keith to make yearly, and pretty well represent the non-custom components of the S4 collection. Mid to high end, ultra utilitarian production knives. In this case a Dark Op's Vindicator (2nd), and a Shadow Tech Ultra Stubby/Beefy Combat Utility (bottom). This year Kathy included a surprise Hibben Knives Highlander Bowie Kathy picked out herself! It means the world to Keith. Kathy usually leaves knife selection strictly to Keith, and her interest was as special as the knife itself.


October 2011

5th consecutive anniversary in Aruba. Thank you to the Occidental and the entire island for your continued warmth, friendship, and hospitality. Guy, Players Choice Tours, it was a blast finally meeting you in person, especially as we're practically neighbors (dig) ;-) Seriously, these Guys are THE US Aruba Tourism Authority.

January 2011

Happy 1st birthday Joseph! we are greatly disappointed by your parents actions, but hold out hope none the less.

November 25, 2010

God Speed Tony in your recovery. Tony's wrist and motorcycle totaled, SUV that 'never saw him' totaled. With hope that Tony gets what should come to him, and the SUV Driver gets what's coming to her.

September 2010

Serious medical complications for Keith, but we shall overcome!

August 2010

It took a year, but Angus and Cher have worked themselves into a comfortable sibling relationship.

January 2010

Welcome into the world Joseph, Keith's grandson! We sincerely hope that both mother and father have learned from their prior mistakes, and strive to mutually raise and nurture their son.

November 26, 2009

R.I.P. Brian, comfort at last brother. Keith is devastated, but takes some comfort in that Billy is at the gates to greet him. Our sincerest condolences to Chrissy, and the entire family. 

August 2009

Welcome to the family Angus! We wanted Cher to have a companion so Angus (Formally Hap) was the standout at the West Milford Animal Shelter. Familiarization may take a while, but we have confidence it will happen.

July 5th 2009

Gwar, we are so sorry. RIP buddy, for a cat that made our lives more interesting, by simply being a part of our family. Daddy misses his 'dawg' terribly, and Mommy will always wish your passing was as easy as your sister Sammy's. We know you're on the other side of the rainbow with her now.

Cher will have a new brother or sister soon, but we will still think of you every day!



 February 8th 2009

Keith has now completed his first year of command at the new job. As Kathy also adjusts to her new company, it has been decided the S4 will remain in stasis until the end of July 2009, at which time S4 will resume retail status with new, cutting edge offerings, and additional site features.

Fate has a way of balancing things. What Keith lost in his partners at AT&T, he has found at his new command. Lt. Alissa at right, and Sgt. Shavvon, are all that stands between relinquishing S4 in totality, to the planned resumption of operations, at the one year mark from his permanent command. 


July 26th 2008

Keith has passed his probationary period at his new command, and takes the position as permanently assigned, or at least as permanently as things get these days. Kathy remains in the same job, but with a new company, as her old credit union of 18 years has been acquired by a larger one. 

July 15th 2008

Farewell Sammy. 1996 - 2008 was a great run. You will never be forgotten, and can never be replaced in our hearts. Who will beg for attention when mommy comes home from work? Where will daddy's furry lump be now? We take comfort in all those good years, and the fact that the end appeared to be merciful old girl. We love you, and miss you...

Sammy on left, Cher on right.

June 28th 2008

R.I.P. Gabbie - We wish we knew you better. We wish we could have been there for you more. We will do whatever we can for your daughter.

Our deepest sympathies to both families,

Kathy & Keith

May 2008

The first weekend of May, Keith, Kathy, and Tony, got together to quickly celebrate two landmark events for S4. 1st. The completion of the Wonder Lake Home Renovation.

1st. Phase New Roof, last quarter '07. 2nd Phase, complete gutting and refurbishment of Core Bathroom, end of 1st. Quarter '08. 3rd Phase, complete restoration/upgrade of Kitchen Sink Station, completed beginning of 2nd Quarter '08. Thank you Kenny Kurht Construction L.L.C. for the most painless Refurb. possible, it won't be forgotten. Thank you also, to Tony's Place Pizzeria Restaurant in the Kinnelon Mall, for taking wonderful care of us during the kitchen Refurb.

2nd. Event was the entirely unexpected acquisition of the next door lot, for recreational/storage usage by S4. Thank you to Fredericks Fuel Oil for making the offer to us first. Now, we remain the most secluded property on the lake. Thank you also in advance to Joe's Home Repair and Landscaping Service, West Milford, NJ. We wouldn't have tackled this project, without you in mind.  

While the assumption of command at one of the world's largest Aerospace/Defense Companies, who are listed as a direct terrorism target, remains Keith's priority, there is now light at the end of the S4 Tunnel, that assumption of T & E, reviews, and new inventory, will resume shortly.     

February 1st. 2008

Today Keith completed his first full week of training on the new job. While the job itself will not be very physically demanding, the officer training somewhat is. Keith estimates it will require at least a months more training. During this time, S4 will be in almost complete operational stasis, but please check in here for updates.

January 25th. 2008

After doing contract security for AT&T for over a decade, this will be Keith's last day on the job there. While Keith is fond of his clientele at AT&T, it is time to move on to a more career oriented position. Keith will be taking over command of the uniformed security force, and contract security, at the Global Headquarters of one of the world's largest Aerospace/Defense Companies, where his duties will again involve Corporate, Industrial Security, and Protective Services. While this is a great opportunity for both Keith and Kathy, it does mean another period of slow down in activity for S4, while Keith acclimates himself to the new job. We ask everyone to just bear with us, and back we'll be!

Holidays 2007

07/02/07 - Within weeks of a problematic rollover to another agency, Keith learned that his client was dropping all security management at the facility level. Keith was, fortunately, asked to stay on as Lead Security Officer, however, this was with a cut in pay, and other perks that Keith had previously enjoyed on the job. This too, will effect the business climate at S4, until Keith stabilizes the new position, and sees how the change effects overall family income. As well as the impact to Keith, Keith's partner, LD (right) the supervisor of uniformed security, and his assistant Johannes, also found that their positions had been eliminated with almost no notice. They have been reassigned by Keith's agency. Keith has known LD for years, and considers him not only a partner, but the brother Keith never had. Both LD and Johannes are some of the best security personnel Keith has had the pleasure of working with. They both watched the formation of S4, and have been both customers and supporters over the years. S4 as a whole, wishes them every success on their new endeavors, and reminds them we are always there for them, no matter what the need.

Johannes and LD June 29, 2007



05/23/07 - Keith is in the process of switching security agencies, so as to stay with his lead client for the immediate future. During this week period, there may be a slight delay in response to S4 related business. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

05/11/07 - Aunt Nell's Memorial Service by the NY Shore of Lake Ontario. 

A Hopi Prayer read by Keith Graveside.

Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there, I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.

I am the sunlight on the ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn’s rain.

When you awaken in the morning rush,
I am the swift uplifting rush,
of quiet birds in circled flight.

I am the soft stars that shine at night.

Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there, I did not die.

04/24/07 - To our distinguished clientele,

Unfortunately, as of today, S4 L.L.C. will have to charge 7% sales tax on all orders made point of sale in New Jersey, or shipped to a New Jersey address. We were previously able to facilitate some sales through our subsidiary, Hojas Malvadas, of Puerto Rico. As this affiliation no longer exists, all sales will be made directly through S4 L.L.C. and therefore, subject to NJ sales tax.

The following sales categories will be in effect as of April 25, 2007 as well.

1st Responders Courtesy Sales – Since we cannot afford to donate as much as we want to first response causes, we will try to use our resources to make up the difference. Any LEO, Firefighter, EMT, or CERT Operator, may purchase from us, for their professional use, any product we carry at our wholesale cost plus tax.We would like to see the equipment in your hands, saving lives, as affordably as we can make it. 

Friends and Family 10% Discount –
The following organizations are provided an automatic 10% discount on our prices, which are already about 10% lower than MSRP. All members – American Knife and Tool Institute, and all members – kniferights.org

Any 1st Responder who wishes to purchase products for other than duty use, may also utilize this discount.

Any member of an organization promoting the responsible ownership and use of bladed implements, is encouraged to apply as well.

With thanks to all of our supporters,

Keith & Kathy

04/23/07 - As the students return to Virginia Tech today, it is our sincerest wish that the grief and anguish of that terrible day a week ago, diminishes with time, understanding, and the support of a nation, once again united by tragedy. The Emergency Response Community continues to study the facts as they are available, and raise the level of awareness, response, and mitigation, to protect the innocent, and empower those who take personal responsibility for their safety, and the safety of others. 

04/12/07 - Due to unfortunate circumstances, S4 L.L.C. can no longer support, or recognize, Bladewing Enterprises as our affiliate. Any business conducted by Bladewing Enterprises, or Alden Wing, is legally independent of S4 L.L.C., and all  responsibility, and liability, for prior involvement with S4 L.L.C., is hereby waved.

02/14/07 - R.I.P. Aunt Nell, the woman who taught Keith about dedication to a  cause.

Nellie Elizabeth Wing, age 89, died Wednesday, February 14, 2007 at Sunrise Assisted Living, Wayne. Ms. Wing was born May 27, 1917 in Kendall, NY the daughter of the late William Frank and the late Daisy (Shepard) Wing. She lived in Wayne and was formerly of New York,NY.

Ms. Wing was a 1940 graduate of Keuka College in NY.

From1944 – 1946 she served in the US Coast Guard and earned the American Area Campaign Medal and The World War II Victory Campaign Medal.

She was the Administrative assistant to Bill Wilson, the founder of A.A., in New York City from 1947 until 1982. After that, she traveled the world speaking about A.A. and became the 1st archivist for A.A., while maintaining a close relationship with Lois Wilson.

Ms. Wing attended the Lakeland Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, in Wayne. She was a Watercolor Artist and a Sculptor as well as the Author of the book: GRATEFUL TO HAVE BEEN THERE.

She is survived by Nephews; William L. Wing of West Milford, David Wing of PA, Michael Bowler of Las Vegas, NV and Two nieces; Kathie Goetch of MD, and Maria Oplatka of CA. She was predeceased by her Brothers, William F. and Roswell B. Wing and her Sister, Mary Bowler.

01/28/07 - Well one month after his scheduled return to Puerto Rico from his Christmas visit, it's fairly safe to say that Alden has returned as a resident of New Jersey. Since S4's Home Office is formally Alden's bedroom, he will be staying with his grandparents, while he gathers the credentials needed to successfully reside in New Jersey. He will also be resuming his knife dealership, under the new name of Bladewing Enterprises, which, like Hojas Malvadas of Puerto Rico, will be supported by S4 L.L.C. We wish him the best, and sincerely hope he has not jumped out of the frying pan, and into the fire. 

09/08/06 - While we're getting our act together for virtual sales, we do have some cool company logo T-shirts available at: www.zazzle.com/KeithW* check them out and leave us a comment, even if you don't buy one. Thanks for looking, and thank you Dina for showing one off at the Jersey Shore for us (look for Dina with some of our blade line in the Bladebabe section soon)!

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