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Okay... That's not really Kathy and Keith. Kathy has  brunette hair, and no pointed ears. Keith and the home office however, are pretty much dead on.

Thank you Goldenwolf for the use of the image. It captures the spirit of S4 L.L.C.

Our Family -

Keith's Great Uncle Roz Wing was a B26 Martin Marauder Pilot During WWII. He flew a large number of missions over the English Channel making ground attack runs into Germany, and was shot down on more than a few occasions. It was his stories of survival, that made a distinct impression regarding pre-planning, and preparedness during Keith's youth.

Kathy has been a full-time Customer Services Representative at a credit union, with over 20 years experience in finance, and is now employed in the light industrial sector, outside of the financial field. Naturally, she still handles the finances for S4 L.L.C., and acts as Keith's development assistant with self defense products and martial arts techniques for women.

Keith is a full-time Protection Sciences Specialist, with going on three decades of experience in facility and personal protection, during which time, he worked one of the highest profile protection assignments in the US. Keith has worked and trained with a number of federal, state, and municipal agencies, and holds a government security clearance. Keith also holds the certification of Disaster Response Specialist, including WMD, is a certified Edged Weapons Instructor recognized by The former American Combat Fighting Arts Association, and specializes in multi-blade martial arts. He is also a former Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor certified by the NRA at the Burlington County Police Academy, and a Member of the Order of the Black Shamrock, dedicated to the ethical and appropriate application of lethal force, in defense of the innocent.

Tony, Kathy's son, is a fulltime Shipping/Receiving Manager for a large factory in NJ. He travels up North to the home office a number of times a year to assist with R&D projects, and accompanies Keith while going to Expo's and tradeshows.

We specialize in the non-firearms enabled.


To begin, those looking to increase their firearms skill sets have a plethora of choices regarding expert, experienced instruction, as do conventional martial artists. Martial Blade Practitioners, not so much.

Our blade systems were developed with the expectation that the users would be non-firearms enabled for a number of reasons.

Non LEO 1st Responders are almost always not armed, but in the event of wide scale infrastructure collapse, are often called upon to go into harm’s way.

Survivors of disasters are often disarmed by local authorities. Since only the law abiding are apt to comply with this, they are immediately disadvantaged by the civilly disobedient (AKA Scumbags).

We personally know of a number of cases where a person’s actions, sometimes known, sometimes unknowingly, have had cause to have their 2nd Amendment  Rights revoked. If you commit a crime that disqualifies you from firearm ownership, then that is part of the burden of conviction for that crime. It should not mean however, that you have no right to self defense. We also know of cases where people were purposely targeted due to their ownership of firearms, for the express purpose of depriving them of that ownership.

In the end, S4 is highly firearms enabled, but we don’t discuss or depict the nature of the collection due to security and privacy concerns. We do maintain a set of more readily accessible handguns, which are secured to the same standards as the rest of the collection, but are closer to hand. We term these ‘RAF’s’ or Readily Accessible Firearms.

The S4 RAF's (Who's who's?)

While we don’t normally train others in firearms applications, Keith as a former LEO Firearms Instructor, prefers to do safe handling and storage standards training with acquaintances, who are new to firearms ownership, as opposed to them relying solely on the TV/Movie skill set, which isn't one ;-) 


S4 L.L.C. is a proud member of The National Rifle Association, The Firarms International Self Defense, Special-Ops and Tactical Association, The American Knife and Tool Institute, kniferights.org, The American Civil Defense Association, The American Crossbow Federation, and The Order of the Black Shamrock.

Image 'Possession' Copyright 2003 Christy 'Goldenwolf' Grandjean