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S4 L.L.C. was started in 2002, primarily doing development work on a law enforcement patrol carbine, and supportive equipment. The base of the design was a rifle Keith had a great deal of experience with, and the prototype, along with work-up of other firearms, looked promising.

A family situation however, followed by unrelated disgust Keith felt regarding the treatment of both his Federal Firearms License holders by the BATF, resulted in Keith's dropping all firearms related company work in 2003, and vowing not to do so again while residing in NJ.

Keith then immersed himself in the blade culture, training, learning, and participating in, collecting, design, and the retail sales of bladed instruments, as well as related safety, security, and survival type products.

Keith was interested to find that not only did he need to study the tactics, techniques, biomechanics, and psychology, that he did with firearms, but now must add in sociology and even anthropology, to get a better understanding of the blade culture.

Many people, Keith included, have seen an alarming trend in knife related restrictions on peoples freedom, that mirrors those of firearms. While Keith feels firearms restrictions will never really be effective, he feels that knife restrictions will be more ineffective yet. Firearms have only been prevalent in society for about 500 years. Bladed tools however, have been a major part of our development as a species. The fact that you have no claws or fangs, is not because you no longer need them, it is because intelligence and dexterity helped us make artificial ones more efficient, thus shaping the physical aspect of our evolution. While, in some circumstances, you can remove firearms from the general population, at least those who follow laws, how do you do so with a tool that everyone uses on a daily basis since childhood? And, where it's difficult for someone without experience to make a firearm or ammunition, it is very easy to make many types of improvised or expedient bladed implements, so why try to restrict certain types? It is the user's intent and actions, not the tool itself, that the determination should be based on. Your rights should not be infringed unless you do something illegal, thus losing them. Breaking the law however, should be a matter of a tools use in harming another without just cause, not what type of tool it is. Firearms use is occupational or a lifestyle. Blades however, are part of our primal self, and our connection with them goes deep into our instinctual level of thought.  Think we have developed beyond the need to have one available at all times? Wait until you really need one and don't have it. If you survive a plane crash near an uncharted area, off the beaten path, and all you can take from the craft is a survival knife, or a handgun with five bullets, which would you take? If you chose the handgun, Keith suggests saving the last bullet for yourself.

You are looking at these pictures thanks to the use of sharp implements millions of years ago.