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Keith has always had a fascination with unusual vehicles. This has resulted in his owning and operating a number of strange vehicles over the years, with a particular fondness for off road, and recreational vehicles (In one example, both in one!).

Look here for pictures , and send Keith some of your own!

Some of Keith's favorites. They're all gone now except the for the '93 Ranger, which was passed on to Keith's stepson Tony. He has restored it, and now uses it as a daily driver. 

The beginnings of Keith's fascination with vehicular oddities. A Sunbeam Tiger Funwagen. Keith drove this through much of his senior year in high school. He doesn't remember what year it was, but does remember it getting him in trouble, as it became the unofficial smoking lounge, and class cutting vehicle. Looks like a hotdog truck doesn't it? 

PUG Articulated ATV during restoration. This vehicle could go just about anywhere wide enough to accommodate it.

Ford Pinto/Bronco w/BOSS 302. Used as an ATV Pursuit Vehicle while doing Estate Security. You should have seen the looks on their faces, when they turned around and saw a Pinto Bumper at helmet height!

Ford/Gertenslager Heavy Rescue 4X4. Ultimate off-road mobile HQ.

'72 Fleetwood 1/4 Stretch Keith restored. Just a cool ride, occasionally used for executive protection.

Keith and his BMW R65LS getting ready for a patrol run. Keith reluctantly gave up two wheels when he unexpectedly became an only parent.

Keith's Suzuki Samurai. A natural point vehicle, as it was an agile performer off-road.

Keith's former personal Mad Max Truck, a '93 Ranger with custom 4L HO motor.

The Ranger as it was setup for Y2K Response. It was retired soon after.

S4 L.L.C.'s current vehicles:

2001 Ford Escape, new Ford Ranger, 2001 Polaris Xplorer 4X4 Quad. A much loved F150 was traded for the Ranger. She was a great truck, but the long commute to work was getting a bit much, with the price of gas what it was. Since the big camper is now a semi-permanent shed, there's no longer a need for a fullsize truck. All the Ranger needs to haul is the Quad.

Our Polaris Xplorer, and Tony's new Sportsman!

Trunk Portable ATV Project. Unfortunately all 3 recreational prototypes, Kathy's, Tony's, and Keith's, were lost to a tree strike during Hurricance Sandy :(  

 We'll come up with something else soon, trust us ;)

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