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We belong to a very nice range, all the accommodations you'd expect, great rangehouse and store. The problem? Finding the time and money to throw copious amounts of lead down range. Another consideration is, as with most public/private ranges, liability is a big issue. Safe? Yes... Realistic? Not really... No shoot from the draw, no low light, no stress fire, no shoot don't shoot. How do we circumvent all these issues? Backyard Ballistics (or a Cellar Dweller Range).

We love Airsoft. Realistic Ergonomics, manipulation, sighting, trigger control, Etc... Even force on force training (side shield eye protection an absolute must). Only Drawbacks? Won't take care of pests, or put game in the pot.

What about when you want realistic practice,take care of pests, and take small game? Of the 3 pellet rifles below, we stock the middle Beeman R3. It's a screamer in .177 Very Accurate, 1000+ FPS. Just no force on force please, these rifles are easily capable of being leathal to humans. We were considering moving up to .22, but some states are now legislating the .22 Pellet as a hunting round, limiting where and what you can use it for. Note - The transfer of any Pellet Rifle in NJ requires an NJ FID Card.



Kathy's Horton Tacoma 150