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S4 P.O.I.S. Kits

Personally Integrated Infrastructure Support

Poise intransitive verb 1 : to become drawn up into readiness

So how poised are you?

The beginning of the 21st Century has provided some extremely painful examples of the possibility of extended infrastructure collapse. The 1986 Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor Disaster, the devastating impact of which hid behind Cold War rhetoric for years, the 2001 Terrorist attack on the United States, the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the 2010 Haitian Earthquake, and the 2011 Japanese Earthquake, Tsunami, and Radiological Emergency, were all examples of extended multinational infrastructure collapse that S4 has studied extensively. These events made it evident that as infrastructure becomes more complex, it also becomes more prone to potential failure (Chaos Theory), as well as related impacting factors such as the migration of populations to denser urbanized areas.  

These lessons made the old standard of the 72 Hr. Emergency Preparedness Kits totally obsolescent. Most individuals and families can survive relativity unscathed for 72 Hrs, where the only real requirement beyond safe shelter is uncontaminated water. But, what about 168 Hrs.? a reasonable time period for outbreaks of civil disobedience (Riots), or 336 Hrs.? a likely time period for even localized events such as an Ice Storm. What about 4368 Hrs. a time period that regional disasters show is eminently possible. Evacuate to save your wellbeing? Possibly, but what if evacuation means abandoning all your worldly possessions and assets? That in itself affects your wellbeing. During many of these disasters, individual properties were spared, but due to lack of infrastructure, particularly electricity, those properties were abandoned. Even when evacuation is inevitable, the ability to support personal infrastructure becomes an indescribable luxury.

Post Y2K but older S4 Response Gear - Preparedness & Surveillance


S4 P.O.I.S. Emergency Preparedness Kits. 

These kits come in basically two levels. Standard, which supports one to two people for up to a year with completely renewable resources such as lighting and local communications, with the only self included resources needed being daily consumables, such as food, prescription medicine, and sanitation supplies (bulk storage items), and P.O.I.S. Plus, which supports two additional people with the same renewable resources. Further needs are easily met with the simple addition of more kits.

S4 P.O.I.S. Plus Kit

S4 BOB (Bug Out Bag) lighter and simpler than the P.O.I.S. Kit, this kit still has the minimum sustainability to see you through CIC (includes candle lantern not pictured).

Custom Kits. This kit is dedicated to Shavvon, one of Keith's Senior Officers, who constantly tries to convince Keith that Pink is the new Black, which got Keith to thinking that since S4 specializes in Female Self Defense, an opportunity presented itself. While this kit has all the same emergency essentials as the last S4 Travel Kit, it's optimized for Self Defense, Disparity of Force, and the Escalation of the Force Continuum, all in a Pink Ensemble. 

The New S4 Gen III 'Benz Protocol' Exfiltration Pack

The S4 Gen III Regular SOG Exfiltration Gear - Mini Light Saber Baby!

Throughout history, Military Kits, here represented by a typical WWII GI Footlocker, provided personal essentials, and moral and motivational support. These factors are timeless, and representative of the modern S4 P.O.I.S. Concept.