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Keith was pretty much in a firearms obsession period when he saw the 1st Rambo Movie. Not only did he gain some personal insight into the character of John Rambo, but the 1st two movie knives, made by Jimmy Lile (Gil Hibben didn't do the theme knife until the 3rd Movie), introduced some, at the time, novel concepts.

It was a tool, capable of producing other tools. It was a weapon, capable of producing other weapons, making it a force multiplier, and it didn't run out of bullets. Keith was soon after gifted with a cheap but very serviceable hollow handle survival knife, that he has retained to this day.

Pictured below is a replica of the original Rambo Hollow Handle, and the Survival Knife Keith carried for years after, including a stint of training with a US Military Recon Unit.

The Rambo Hollow Handle directly lead to Keith's procurement of one of the most robust, deadly, and rarest hollow handle survival knives in the world. Thank you Gil, you made Keith a lifelong knife. 

Top Honors in the collection. 1 of only 2 in existence, Gil Hibben Hand Made Tanto Blade Survival Hollow Handle given to Keith. Only Sister Blade purchased by Sylvester Stallone. 2nd Blade, Right, George Lainhart Seal Team 2. Only known example directly issued to a civilian. 

Keith's various EDC's during his fixed blade carry years. Notice they became smaller which was a trend n political correctness.

Keith's only self design. Reverse Grip Edge Out MBC Optimized.

Keith's realized Wolf's Fang Prototype made by Jim Wharton's Stag and Steel. SAR Knives Hornet on right.

Golden Fang made specifically for Keith By Shakie Blades, FL.

My 1st Shakie Blade in memory of our mutual friend Billy the Mountain.

S4 Dress Knives - For sale ($175 - $200 each) except 2 upper left which are staying in the collection due to sentimental reasons.

Chax Knives Cipher up close, a great EDC

Jason Buda Tactical Recurve, another EDC

Replica of North American Tactical/Survival Knife, Circa 10,000 BC

As our collection expanded, we promised ourselves no custom folders. We had to draw the line somewhere with over 100 knives in the Armory alone. We do have some folders we are really, really, fond of.

This Extrema Ratio RAO (middle) Survived the most extreme torture test Keith has ever seen a folder subjected too.

Sheer penetration Power - CRKT Hissatsu Folder

Kershaw Offset w/Multiple Edge Geometry, cuts like a fiend.

While we have a large number of folders in the collection, we are always looking to try out and add new designs and actions, such as this Schrade Viper Side Assisted Opener.

As this SOG Meridian Photo shows, it's not just all about just the knives (well, not entirely anyway)...