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While the ACFAA is now defunct due to the economy, the blood, sweat and steel required to obtain the rating is not. 

Keith is a Member of The Order of The Black Shamrock, which more closely defines the qualities of S4's Martial Blade Concepts, than any other organization Keith has been affiliated with. This represents the standards of S4 in totality.

Kathy doing a field fit/function check.

An older duty field rig used by Keith at his 3rd career command.

Keith's more recent EDC at his 4th career command. The Meyerco Fixed Blade Karambit is carried in his response kit only, and is considered an emergency backup.   

We are fixed blade people at heart, and always keep an emergency limited inventory of efficient but affordable ones for our customers. Tony's Trench Knife has advantages besides warfare. The knuckle guard can also protect you from serious abrasions or broken knuckles while chopping and cutting. A Futuristic Fighter, can also be useful as a survival knife, with it's chopping ability and draw knife style blade. Bowie's in general are dedicated to Sonny, an officer who actually acted as Keith's Training Officer when he first took his current command, and probably saved Keith from a heartattack while Keith was training on the required tours (4.16 Miles for 1 of 2, including up and down steep stairways) . Keith started Sonny as a knife aficionado, and he has since reminded Keith why he began his own formal collection with Bowies, as Keith did years and years ago. They're extremely utilitarian, and ruled over close protection arms, back in the day when pistols just weren't dependable enough to stake your life on. While Keith has other students, Sonny has since become Keith's protege on all thing's regarding Martial Blade Craft.


S4 - Practice what you preach! (and carry)...