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The Feminine Edge

By Bladewolf


Every day, all over the world, women are beaten, robbed, raped, murdered, or often, all of the above.

In some countries, women have little moral or legal support in defense of their rights and wellbeing. In one country in Africa for instance, rape did not even become illegal until 2006. In many others, cultural and moral factors make it still allowable under certain circumstances. THERE SHOULD BE NO ALLOWABLE CIRCUMSTANCES, EVER!


The United States however, not only recognizes an individual’s right to self defense, but also recognizes the ‘disparity of force’ between a female victim, and a characteristically stronger male aggressor.


This ‘disparity of force’ means that a female victim is not bound by the concept of equal force in response to aggression, especially from a demonstrably greater threat.


As a female self defense instructor, I have to say that retreat or escape is always the preferred option to deescalate an encounter. This includes the voluntary surrender of money or valuables, if you have reasonable belief that this will allow you to leave without further incident. These things are meaningless in comparison with your life.


Where to Draw the Line


When a mugger/scumbag wants to take you with them after getting what they initially asked for, it is now last ditch time. Simply put, they plan to murder you. Begging, bargaining, or talking your way out will not work.

Rape is not usually about sexual gratification. It is about Rage, Deviance, and Dominance, and practiced offenders will not willingly leave a living witness behind.




The ultimate optimized individual weapon is the assault rifle. If this weren’t so, all the world’s armies wouldn’t utilize them as primary weapons. Unfortunately, carrying an assault rifle in most cases tends to be legally, politically, and practically incorrect. Even a pistol, an expedient firearm, is difficult to legally carry concealed in most states, and being arrested for possession of a concealed weapon is also not conducive to your wellbeing.


Instinctual Response 


Here’s where, excuse the pun, knives have the edge. Not only are they legal to carry in many (not all) places in the US, but there is also 200,000 Years of human evolution behind the instinctual response to knives. They are the fangs, claws, and blades of our ancestral evolution and memory. Firearms have only been prevalent since the 1500’s, a mere drop of water in the ocean of our evolving species.




Here is also where that ‘disparity of force’ concept comes into play for women. When asked by a male associate about knife carry, I advise them to pick a pocket knife as utilitarian as possible, even avoiding aggressive model names like ‘Reaper’ ‘Claw’, or knives optimized as a weapon.

In a self defense situation, the probability is that you will be arrested, and the possibility exists, even more greatly for males, that the prosecution will immediately attempt to assign ‘intent’ to the reason for carry, even if that reason is not stated as self defense.

 The stated reason for carry of a knife should always accentuate the knife’s utility as a tool, but here is where women have the benefit of the precedence of disparity of force, and the force escalation continuum. As a six foot 260 Lb self defense practitioner, should I cut up a male aggressor during an altercation, I would be arrested, and if the aggressor dies, very possibly charged with manslaughter, and almost certainly held civilly liable. While this would still be my undisputed preference to being maimed or killed, women, for the most part, would not have these same additional burdens on top of the initial assault.


In the End


Carry what fits and works the best for you. Get training and practice with what you carry. Never give in to denial and the ‘it won’t happen to me’ syndrome, because that leaves you the least prepared. And, if attacked, attempt escape, but if doing so or turning your back on an attacker increases the threat to you, Cut! Fast, deep, with conviction, and continue doing so until escape is possible. Remember, an predator selects what looks like easy prey. To stay alive, it’s your job to change they’re mind.


The stepdaughter of one of Keith's Officer's demonstrating the discreet Feminine Edge Carry System. In a mall yet!   

Escalation of force, pepper spray to blade.  thereby demonstrating your intent at not utilizing lethal force unless given no other option.

We've worked with  a few systems...

and picked the best! Mace Lighted Pepper Pistol and Cold Steel Rajah III

The ultimate application of feminine edge for home or property defense, the S4 Intimidator. Pepper ball/Bayonet! Warning; Pepperballs not legal for civilian purchase in all states, NJ included (of course). S4 has developed a work around for this, for those that feel the base system works for them.