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Sales  - Responders Edge TOPS Knives Large Outfitter's Axe, and Camillus Knives BK7 w/Custom Micarta Scales, compliment the P.O.I.S. (includes a KaBar TDI Neck Knife) Set $200.00

Kommer Canoe Hatchet and Custom 154CM Eastern Fighter. Set $300.00

S4 Responders Edge was the original system which lead to all current variations. With over 25 Years of testing and evaluation, Keith has had plenty of time to work out optimal applications. S4's Responders Pro Edge Set is designed for Operators Level Deployment. The Ontario Spec Plus rescue axe, is an optimized design for demolition, for whatever needs to be demolished. The Blackhawk CQD Mark I Type E Large Folder can be deployed as a single handed opener, but then can be sheathed as a fixed blade for versatility, requiring only gross motor skills to redeploy. The CRKT i.d.Works ZillaTool is one of the few multitools with ergonomics allowing it to be used extensively without the grips creating hotspots on your hand. With an included headlamp, Set $400.00


We naturally prefer working with Fixed Blades, the ability to deploy with only gross motor skills is invaluable.

But... We understand the portability and political correctness of carrying a folder. We stock a number of tactical and rescue folders at all times for 1st Responders. We highly recommend the Kershaw Speedbump. Great deep belly recurve for cutting bite, and a powerful penetrating tip. This assisted flipper gets the job done at a very good price.


Blasts from the Past

An example of Responders Edge EDC don'ts and do's. All one handed openers with vastly different perceptuals. The Emerson Karambit is optimized for combat. Therefore, expect an arrest and/or confiscation. The Lee Williams designed Kershaw is functional and clean in appearance and a utility looking orange scale on the handle, better, but best goes to the Meyerco AO DDR, this knife is optimized for rescue extrication, but if you don't think it's effective for self defense, think again.